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Cottonseed oil extraction plant

The function of the cottonseed oil extraction plant is to get cooking oil from cottonseed. For the whole  cottonseed oil extraction plant, there are three main sections. They are cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing plant, cottonseed oil extraction plant and cottonseed oil refinery plant.

As manufacturer of cottonseed oil extraction plant, we can offer turnkey service of cottonseed oil extraction plant with general capacity from 10 to 6000TPD. For special capacity, our professional engineers can help you design and install workshop according to your capacity and requirements.

The cottonseed oil pretreatment of cottonseed oil extraction plant:

Function: The pretreatment and pressing production line in the cottonseed oil extraction plant is used to make crude cottonseed oil from cottonseed

Main parts in the cottonseed oil pretreatment machine:

 a. Winnowing machine: It is used to move the impurities from the cottonseed.

 b. Dehuller machine. The shell of cottonseed must be moved, so we use the dehuller machine.

 c. Vibrating separator: After dehuller, the vibrating separator is used to separate the shell and nut.

 d. Flaking roller: After separating the nut from the shell, it enters the flaking roller.

 e. Cooker: It is used to adjust the water content of the cottonseed.

 f. Oil presser or oil pre-presser: Cottonseed enters the oil press to get part of crude oil.

cottonseed oil extraction machineCottonseed pretreatment machines

The cottonseed oil extraction workshop of cottonseed oil extraction plant:

The advantage of cottonseed oil solvent extraction is to get as much as oil from cottonseeds. When  extracting cottonseed oil by solvent, the oil residues will be less than 1%. There are four main parts in cottonseed oil extraction workshop:

 a. Mixing oil with solvent. After going to the solvent extractor, miscella and cake with solvent are got.

 b. Separating the solvent from the cake, then the cake is got. The cake can be used as animal feed.

 c. The crude cottonseed oil is separated from the miscella. The crude oil goes to the refinery section.

 d. The solvent will be recycled to the condernsers.

cottonseed oil extraction machineCottonseed oil extraction workshop

Cottonseed oil refinery of cottonseed oil extrction plant:

 After getting crude cottonseed oil from pretreatment section and extraction section, crude cottonseed oil enters refinery section. There are three main parts in cottonseed oil refinery plant.

a. Deacidification part: It is used to move the acid in the crude oil.

b. Decolorization part: The white clay is used to move the color of the cottonseed oil.

c. Deodorization part: The smell of the cottonseed oil is moved by steam.

cottonseed oil refining machineCottonseed oil refinery plant

We have been specialized in cottonseed oil extraction plant since 1967. We have built many cottonseed oil extraction plants for our customer. Our engineer can help you design and install workshop according to your capacity and requirements. If you want to know more about cottonseed oil extraction plant, please feel free to contact us.

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