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What are the advantages of red palm oil refinery process?

The purpose of red palm oil refinery process is to remove unnecessary impurities in crude red palm oil through red palm oil refinery machine, change the color and flavor, so as to reach a certain standard and ensure the health of edible oil. What are the advantages of red palm oil refinery process? This article will explain from the following four points.

1. Extend the storage time of red palm oil

Free fatty acids are removed from crude red palm oil during the deacidification stage of the refinery. The high content of free fatty acids will cause the red palm oil to deteriorate in a short period of time, and the deteriorated red palm oil cannot be eaten, which greatly affects the storage time of red palm oil.

red palm oil refinery process.jpgComplete red palm oil refinery process

2. Health Benefits

The refinery process helps reduce the amount of harmful components in red palm oil, such as free fatty acids and impurities. This makes it a healthier choice compared to crude red palm oil. Refined red palm oil is also rich in vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties that benefit skin health.

3. Make more profit

Refined red palm oil has a higher market value than crude red palm oil and is more profitable. At the same time, by-products such as soap liquid and fatty acids produced in the refinery process can be used to produce products such as soap, and more profits can be obtained by using these products.

Red palm oil refinery machine.jpgRed palm oil refinery machine

4. Refinery type can be selected

Red palm oil refinery processes can be divided into physical refinery process and chemical refinery process, depending on the refinery capacity and the by-products that investors want to obtain. The main difference is the deacidification part, where chemical deacidification removes the acid from the oil through acid-base neutralization. Physical deacidification, extracting free fatty acids from red palm oil by high temperature evaporation.

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