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How to improve the oil yield of the cooking oil pressing process?

The cooking oil pressing process is a relatively common method of extracting cooking oil. How to maximize the oil yield of cooking oil in this pressing process? Involving the following aspects, choose good oil seeds, pre-treatment of oil seeds, choose good cooking oil pressing machines. The following is a detailed introduction to you:

DOING cooking oil processing machinesDOING cooking oil processing machines

1. Choose good quality oil seeds

The quality of the oil seeds used in the oil pressing process significantly impacts the oil yield. It is crucial to select high-quality oil seeds with optimal maturity and moisture content. Ensure that the oil seeds are free from any contaminants or mold, as these can affect the oil extraction efficiency.

2. Pre-treatment of oil seeds

Before the cooking oil pressing process, the oil seeds should be thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities such as stones, debris, and dust. Proper drying of the oil seeds is also important to reduce the moisture content, as excess moisture can lead to lower oil yield and quality.

Pre-treatment processes such as heating, steaming, or roasting the oil seeds before pressing can help loosen the oil-bearing cells and enhance oil extraction efficiency. This step can improve the overall oil yield and quality of the extracted oil.

DOING cooking oil pretreatment machinesDOING cooking oil pretreatment machines

Henan doing group supplies oil seeds pretreatment machines including oil seeds cleaning machine (vibrating screen, magnetic separator, destoner), crusher, flaking roller, woks with different processing capacities, etc. These machines can ensure pretreatment of oil seeds to make them in a state suitable for pressing and to ensure maximum oil yield of oil seeds.

3. Choose good cooking oil pressing machines

Choosing a high-quality cooking oil pressing machine designed for cooking oil extraction can significantly improve the oil yield. The cooking oil pressing machines produced by HENAN DOING GROUP use high-quality materials and can press efficiently while ensuring quality and improving the cooking oil yield. There are various types of cooking oil pressing machines for you to choose from. It is worth mentioning that one of DOING cooking oil pressing machines with temperature control, which can control the temperature, pressure and processing time in real time, plays a vital role in determining the oil yield.

cooking oil pressing machineDOING automatic temperature cooking oil pressing machine

The above is an introduction to the method to improve the oil yield of the cooking oil pressing process. If you have any questions, you can leave a message and tell us. As a professional cooking oil pressing machine manufacturer, HENAN DOING will be happy to answer your questions. If you are looking for cooking oil pressing machines with a high oil rate, you may wish to give priority to us, a professional manufacturer, with after-sales services.

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